Egg Tray Making Machine

The Egg Tray Pulp Molding Making Machine uses waste paper, old newspapers, etc. to make egg trays.

Eggs Tray Making Machine

The Egg Tray Making Machine, also known as the Egg Tray Forming Machine, is a specialized pulp molding apparatus designed to transform discarded paper into versatile egg boxes, trays, or cartons. This innovative technology offers an effective and environmentally friendly solution for packaging eggs. Recent data highlights the surging demand for eggs across various countries and regions, resulting in a significant need for paper-based egg storage and transport solutions. This burgeoning demand has paved the way for substantial profits within the egg paper tray industry.

Fast Return on Investment Higher Cost Performance

  • Sold out for more than 150 lines
  • Rotary forming machine
  • Platen Size: 1600*400MM, 1600*560MM, 1950*420MM, 2350*420MM
  • Rotary forming machine
  • 6 layer dryer
  • Rapid Return on Investment, Remarkably Efficient;
  • Outstanding Results Achieved Through Rotary Forming Innovation;
  • Compatible with a Highly Efficient 6-Pass Drying System;
  • Enhanced Product Durability and Reduced Deformation.

Technical Parameters

Recommanded Model2000B1C4000B1C6000B1C
Molding MachineRotary Technology
Molding Faces4 Faces Forming
1 Face Transfer
8 Faces Forming
1 Face Transfer
Platen Size1600 × 400 mm1600 × 560 mm1950 × 420 mm
Cycle Time7.2 seconds3.6 seconds3 seconds
Drops per Minute6 Layers
Drying EnergyDiesel / Natural Gas / LPG / LNG etc,
or Boiler System of Steam / Conduction Oil
Standard Capacity / Hr2,000 pcs4,000 pcs6,000 pcs
Standard Capacity / Day48,000 pcs96,000 pcs144,000 pcs
Floor Plan (m)50 × 18 × 660 × 18 × 672 × 18 × 6
Labor / Shift3~44~54~5
Raw MaterialWaste Paper
Max Product Height70 mm

Egg Tray Machinery Line

The Egg Tray Making Machine offers a variety of models for you to choose from. Moreover, your selection can be tailored to include a specific drying system. However, all machines are equipped with specially designed advanced control system, enhancing production efficiency significantly while reducing labor costs.

Production Process

How does Eggs Tray Making Machine work? Raw Material – Pulping-Screening – Cleaner & Deflaker-Proportioning – Providing – Drying Product Line- Forming – Auto Stacking

Fruit Tray Making Machine

Drying system

Applying sufficient hot air uniformly across the surface of the pulp molding items to eliminate the moisture evaporating from the damp products. Following the drying process, they are directed towards automatic stacking and shrink wrapping for packaging.

Pulp Preparation System

The process of mixing bagasse, bamboo or wood pulp with water or chemical solutions and processing it into a pulp-like substance

Forming System

The slurry is used to create products through vacuum suction within the forming mold. Afterward, the pulp molded items are transferred using a transfer mold and directed to the subsequent drying line.

Our Clients

HGHY is dedicated to assisting customers in addressing waste paper recycling challenges by identifying practical and effective solutions. Our aim is to deliver substantial profits through eco-conscious and sustainable projects.

Molded Applications

The Egg Tray Making Machine is versatile, capable of crafting various types of trays such as 30-egg, 24-egg, and 20-egg trays. Moreover, it accommodates alternative molds to create trays of diverse shapes and sizes, catering to needs beyond egg storage. These molds enable the production of apple trays, cup trays, electronic product packaging, bottle trays, shoe trays, and more.

Raw Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take from order to ship?

The estimated production time will be around  130 days, from the receipt of order, deposit payment and/or L/C. 

Do you send engineers to installation?

Our company will arrange 2 people as guide installers, and the customer will arrange installers. It usually spents 60-90 days that depends on the number of equipment purchased.

Does your machine have a high rate of return? How long will it take to return?

The rate of return is high, and it usually pays back in 2-3 years.

How many countries used your equipment ?

HGHY has helped more than 300 clients in over 60 countries setting up their plants with leading capacity and superior quality production.

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