Mobile ECO Phone Box Packaging Machine

Mobile Phone Box Packaging Machine can make mobile box packing, eco box phone, molded pulp inserts, thermoformed molded pulp and thermoformed trays medical

Mobile Phone Box Packaging Machine

The Mobile Phone Box Packaging Machine can be adjusted according to different mobile phone models and packaging specifications to accommodate the size, shape and design of different mobile phone boxes. They are designed to increase production efficiency, reduce manual operations, reduce production costs, and ensure product packaging consistency and quality.

Improve production efficiency and ensure packaging quality

  • High precision,high stability;
  • Forming and hotpressing two-in-one design;
  • Off-line auto trimming;
  • Can produce less than 0 degrees (i.e. upside down) cup lid;
  • Position, pressure and temperature can be adjusted accurately.

Technical Parameters

ModelZJWD-9575W Pulp Thermoforming Machine
Machine StructureTransfer Station x1, Hotpress Upper Station x1,
Forming Station x1, Hotpress Lower Station x1
Platen Size950 × 750 mm
Working PressureHotpress 30 Ton
Cycle Time100-120 Seconds for Most Products
Heating EnergyElectricity / Conduction Oil
Raw MaterialPaper Pulp
Max Product Height80 mm / Can Be Customized for Deeper Product
Production ApplicationInner Packaging for Smart Phone, Cosmetics, Electronic Products, etc
Preferable Choice for More and More Packaging Solution

Production Process

How does Mobile Phone Box Packaging Machine work?  Raw Material – Pulping-Deflaker & Refiner- Additives- Proportioning – Providing – Forming and HotPress

Mobile Phone Box Packaging Machine

Pulp Preparation System

The process of mixing bagasse, bamboo or wood pulp with water or chemical solutions and processing it into a pulp-like substance

Deflaker and Refiner

Deflaker and Refiner are usually used closely together during pulp processing to ensure a high degree of dispersion and refinement of cellulose, resulting in more uniform and higher quality pulp.

Forming System

The slurry is used to create products through vacuum suction within the forming mold. Afterward, the pulp molded items are transferred using a transfer mold and directed to the subsequent drying line.

Mobile Phone Box Packaging Line

The Mobile Phone Box Packaging Machine is ideal for manufacturing refined, high-quality inner or outer packaging for handicrafts, mobile phones, everyday essentials, beauty products, electronic devices, and other delicate, premium-grade products.

Molded Applications

Mobile Phone Box Packaging Machines are versatile systems designed to cater to various packaging needs, including high-end electronic products, cosmetics, premium liquor, valuable art pieces, exquisite crafts, and more. 

Our Clients

HGHY is dedicated to assisting customers in addressing waste paper recycling challenges by identifying practical and effective solutions. Our aim is to deliver substantial profits through eco-conscious and sustainable projects.

Raw Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take from order to ship?

The estimated production time will be around  130 days, from the receipt of order, deposit payment and/or L/C. 

Do you send engineers to installation?

Our company will arrange 2 people as guide installers, and the customer will arrange installers. It usually spents 60-90 days that depends on the number of equipment purchased.

Does your machine have a high rate of return? How long will it take to return?

The rate of return is high, and it usually pays back in 2-3 years.

How many countries used your equipment ?

HGHY has helped more than 300 clients in over 60 countries setting up their plants with leading capacity and superior quality production.

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